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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Leg Mehndi Design

1. Zardosi Mehndi - 

This is temporary mehndi design. Zardosi is a combination of glitz and Swarovski stones decorated on mehndi designs. This was eventually done by many mehndi artists in the West, Pakistan and India. Being the first to introduce this in Malaysia, Nakreze Mehndi personally loves it because it is undeniably beautiful and it would give many brides an opportunity to be different on the most happiest moment of their lives.

Clients that choose to have this would need to consult the artist in deciding to have it while their wedding photographer takes pictures while the 'Mehndi - e-Rasm' or henna ceremony takes place, or have it done for their wedding or reception. Clients can also match Zardosi to their wedding dress and jewelery.

Various quotations apply for Zardosi mehndi depending on the amount of work done and materials used.

2. Pakistani Mehndi Design -

Pakistani Mehndi Designs and Patterns is a hybrid version of mehndi art that has been created by combining certain aspects of Indian Mehndi Designs for Hands and Arabic Mehndi Designs.

3. Aarebic Mehndi Design -

Arabic Mehndi designs are intricate and do not cover as much skin as Indian Mehndi. This is the preferable Mehndi Design because of this consist of simple lines, flowers, dots, filled patterns, leaves. Based on your creativity you can draw.  This kind of mehndi consume less mehndi and less time is required. Non-professional can also easily put this Arabic Mehndi

Type : Leg Mehndi

Style : Leg Mehndi Design

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  1. Applying Mehandi to legs results in such amazing feet that one could die upon them. To read more about Mehandi for legs, read Simple Mehandi Designs of Legs


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