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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Eye Makeup Videos for Beginners

Flat Angled Tip Brush:

Angled Shadow Bruesh are use to make Thick Eyeliner. Flat Angled Tip Brush has angled shaped packed hair which is useful to draw slant lines or even tight lines. These Brushes come with a variety of Angles: Small Angled, Medium Angled and Large Angled Brushes.
Brush Name : Angled Shadow

Video Credit :- swe3t_girly

Matching Eyeliner :

She may doing matching Eye Shadow with her lipstick. Eyeshadow Powder spread with Travel Powder brush.
Brush Name : Tavel Powder, All Over Eye, Concealer

Video Credit :- swe3t_girly

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Video Credit :- swe3t_girly

Video Credit :- swe3t_girly

Type : Make-up

Style : Eye Makeup Videos for Beginners

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