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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Different Types Of Nath | Nose Ring

Nose Ring

The nath, in like manner frequently known as the nose stud or nose ring has been a basic and fundamental bit of the Indian culture. Available in different sorts of shapes, styles and tones, it is acclaimed in each and every bit of the country. In a couple of social orders, for instance, in South India, it is worn on the right half of the nose. Of course, in the northern bit of the country, it is worn on the left.

The Luxor Traditional Bridal Jewellery Nose Ring nathiya with Long Chain for Girls and Women

Jewels Traditional Gold Plated Nose Ring/Nath with Chain for Women

Traditional Kundan & Coloured Stones Nose Stud Nath With Pearls For Girls / Women

Women's Traditional White Kundan and Pearl Nose Ring with Chain (White)

Type : Fashion

Style : Different Types Of Nath | Nose Ring

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