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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

5 Leg's Mahendi Design - Bridal

Leg's Mahendi Design

 Image Credit :- Weddopedia

 Image Credit :- Weddopedia 

  Image Credit :- Weddopedia

  Image Credit :- Weddopedia

 Image Credit :- Weddopedia

Tips for defining the shape of leg mehandi designs for Indian Brides.

For a perfect mahendi design ensures that you define the place. While starting the design at legs, the ankle provides you with the opportunity to divide your design into 2 parts. Start making a flower from the ankle and cover the length of the foot. With paisleys and half flower, you can extend your design and cover the length of your desired place. As you have flowered at the ankle start repeating the design towards your knee. This will give a complete look to the design. By repeating flowers, dots and outlining you can take your design to your knee length.

Type : Leg's Mahendi

Style : 5 Leg's Mahendi Design - Bridal

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