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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

3 Types Of Party Eyeshadow Looks

Blue eyeshadow makeup is one of the trendiest looks to sport this season. While dealing with a colour like blue can be tricky we try to simplify it for you.

Smokey eyes or glitter makeup for glamorous party looks

If there is one trend that everyone adopted last year in terms of makeup that is the Smokey eye technique. The great news is that it remains highly stylish and in trend in all as well so you can still enjoy using it at your next party. The other great news about it is that you now have a handle on the technique so it will take you very little time to get ready for any event this way.

All you need is the perfect selection of colors to go well with the clothes you have chosen to wear. Next, you can start mixing the selected colors to obtain that perfect Smokey eye effect that makes you look amazing. One look and everyone will be mesmerized by your beauty!

Moreover,adding up glitter to the game is not a bad option either. When the event requires you to shine or you may have chosen neutral clothing you wish to emphasize, glitter is the right way to do so. Even the most boring dress will look great on you when you enhance your beauty using glitter and bold colors that will help you attract attention. Finally, you can add up a glittery finish touch to any party makeup you choose because these events are meant for you to attend shining!

Christmas is almost here, and you sure are ready for the parties, somewhat. Why did we say somewhat, when you have already put together the ensemble you plan to wear? Think about it, what about the Christmas party makeup? Have you thought what look to wear that would match any and every ensemble- ethnic or western? Let’s help you with ten beautiful Christmas party makeup ideas, to grab eyeballs and make heads turn. Even at midnight mass in church, and with the Christmas party makeup you wouldn’t have the old aunties and the priest raising eyebrows!

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Style       : 3 Types Of  Party Eyeshadow Looks

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